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20 Years of Benchmark Data Excellence

Since 1996, we have been providing managed data services to the investment management community. Our clients include 60 of the top 100 global investment managers by TAUM and 8 of the top 10 custodians in the world. No one knows as much about benchmarks as we do, or is better placed to help you navigate the increasing complexity of the financial services market.

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More than 275 investment managers, custodians and asset owners choose RIMES

Our unparalleled specialist data expertise, scope of data sources, and system-specific customization is the choice of 60 of top 100 investment managers by TAUM, and 8 of top 10 custodians worldwide.

Your New More Efficient Data Management Service

Forrester Consulting recently conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the RIMES Managed Data Service.

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Receive Higher‐Quality, Truly “End‐User‐Ready” Data Faster

Our expert data management specialists transform data from 800 sources and 200 data partners — to feed high quality, completely “ready‐for‐use” data directly into 60+ third‐party systems and any in-house solutions.

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5 Steps to Good Data Management

1 Sourcing


We Have All the Data

We can provide you with over 800 data sources from 200 data partners.

2 Remediation



We can process highly complex and inconsistently-formatted data, covering all asset classes

3 Enrichment



We can customize complex data according to good data governance principles: “Complete,” “Appropriate,” “Accurate.”

4 System-ready



We use time-tested customization templates to handle data efficiently in 60+ third-party systems or any in-house system.

5 Governance



We centrally track and monitor all your data for increased control, according to good data governance principles.

Ask About Our Services

We are here to answer your questions. Please get in touch to learn more about RIMES.

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